Whether you are a seasoned lash artist or just starting out in your new career, one thing is for sure. Cost matters. When you buy a lash glue, you want to make sure it’s a quality product, but you also don’t want to be doing a bunch of free touch ups because you went too cheap on the price.

One common denominator amongst most lash artists is the lash adhesive really only lasts for 3-4 weeks tops even if you are being careful. Lash adhesives tend to get stringy and go bad depending on climate, humidity, summertime heat, and even not putting the cap back on quickly enough. When these variables happen, lash artists usually have to chuck that bottle of glue into the trash. 

Now let’s imagine that you just shelled out almost $100 of your hard earned money for that lash glue and you find yourself having to throw away that bottle after 4 weeks. The dilemma now becomes do I:

A) Keep going with the glue and let fate see how many free touch-ups will come from this or.

B) Throw the bottle away and buy another expensive bottle of lash glue?

If your choice is A, then you must know this one thing. If client’s lashes aren't staying on, then you will surely lose business to a competitor. You are also losing money because of how much you are constantly spending on glue. Seems like a dead end road, right?

So what’s the answer to this problem? 

The answer is The Original Sassy 3ML Lash Glue. Sounds a little biased because it’s our brand correct? Here’s why it’s not. The original Sassy 3ML glue is a high-quality product with a medium viscosity. That means it’s not too runny and not so thick that you have to squeeze the bottle for dear life to get a dropout. The original Sassy 3ML Lash Glue also is in a convenient 3 ML size which will last you 4-6 weeks of back to back daily clients before you have to replace it.

But the absolute best part about our 3ML glue is the price. It’s our highest seller for a reason. The original Sassy 3ML is only $23 so it won't break the bank.

Ask yourself this, "If I’m chucking my glue in the trash every 3-4 weeks anyway to avoid free touchup’s and losing clients, then would I rather it be a $100 bottle of glue or a $23 bottle of glue?"

Both types of glue are high quality and contain the same amount of Cyanoacrylate, but for the price of 1 normal 10ml glue, I can have 4 fresh 3ml bottles that have a shelf life of 12 months if unopened. Our original Sassy comes in two drying times as well. It’s available in a 2.5 second and a 1 second dry time.

Which would you rather have? Obviously, it’s a rhetorical question and we know the answer. Try the 3ml Original Sassy Lash Glue and we promise you will never buy another glue.